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The First Years Audio Monitor Crisp & Clear - 1.0 CT

Baby Care
Baby Accessories

We cut through all the fluff to get at what really matters... nutrition.

All food products are scored from 0 - 100 based on their nutrition value.


Strangulation Hazard: Children Have Strangled In Cords. Keep Cord Out Of The Reach Of Children (more Than 3 Ft (0.9m) Away). This Product Is Not A Toy. Do Not Allow Children To Play With It. This Product Is A Monitoring Device Designed To Assist In The Monitoring Of Children, Not As A Prevention For Injury Or Loss Of Child. This Product Is Not A Substitute For Adult Supervision. Children Should Be Monitored At All Times By Responsible Adults. Safety Instructions: This Symbol Is Intended To Warn The User Of Potential Safety Hazards. This Symbol Is Intended To Alert The User To A Potential Risk Of Electric Shock And Other Electrical Safety Issues. Strangulation Hazard-children Have Strangled In Cords. Keep Cord Out Of The Reach Of Children (more Than 3 Ft (0.9m) Away). The Product Is Designed To Assist In The Monitoring Of Children, Not As A Prevention For Injury To Or Loss Of A Child. This Product Is Not A Substitute For Proper Adult Supervision. All Children Should Be Supervised At All Times By Responsible Adults. To Reduce The Risk Of Fire Or Electrical Shock, Do Not Open This Product Or Expose The Product To: Water And Moisture: This Product Should Not Be Used Near Water, For Example, Near A Bathtub Or Sink, In A Wet Basement Or Near A Swimming Pool. Heat: This Product Should Be Situated Away From Heat Sources Such As Radiators, Heat Registers, Stoves, Or Other Appliances That Produce Heat. Important: The User Should Not Attempt To Service This Product. Read All Safety And Operating Instructions Before Operating This Product. Retain These Instructions For Future Reference. Observe All Warnings. Follow All Operating Instructions. Do Not Tamper With The Plug Under Any Circumstances. Power Source - This Product Should Be Connected Only To The Power Supply Provided. Cleaning - Before Cleaning, Be Sure To Unplug. Clean Only As Recommended In These Instructions. Object And Liquid Entry-care Should Be Taken So That Objects Do Not Fall And Liquids Are Not Spilled Into The Enclosure Through The Openings. Damage Or Malfunction - Please Contact Our Parent Service Center At 800-704-8697 If: A. The Power Supply Cord Or Plug Has Been Damaged. B. Objects Have Fallen Or Liquid Has Been Spilled Into It. C. The Product Has Been Exposed To Rain D. The Product Does Not Appear To Operate Normally Or Exhibits A Marked Change In Its Performance. E. The Product Has Been Dropped Or The Enclosure Damaged. Wall Mounting - The Child Unit Should Be Mounted To A Wall Only As Recommended In These Instructions. Do Not Mount The Child Unit In A Location Where The Unit Or The Adapter Cord Is Within The Child's Reach. To Prevent Injury, This Apparatus Must Be Securely Attached To The Wall In Accordance With The Installation Instructions. Caution: Always Use The Ac Adapter Supplied With This Product. Do Not Use Any Other Adapter. Monitor Could Become Damaged, And Warranty Would Become Void. Child Unit: 1. Position The Child Unit Within Approximately 6 Feet Of Your Child, But No Closer Than 3 Feet. Warning: Do Not Place Child Unit In Crib Or Attach To Crib. (to Prevent Heat Build-up, Place On An Open Surface Away From Heat Sources; Do Not Place In An Enclosed Space.) 2. Position Antenna Straight Up As Shown. 3. Insert The Ac Adapter Plug Into The Jack On The Side Of The Unit, Then Plug The Adapter Into An Electrical Outlet. For Wall Mounting (optional): 1. Securely Fasten One #8 Pan Head Wood Screw On The Wall (for Best Results, Use A 3/4-inch Screw; Mount In Solid Wood Or Use A Screw Wall Anchor). 2. Leave The Screw Head Protruding From The Wall By At Least 1 /4-inch. 3. Press The Adapter Cord Into The Grooved Channel On The Back Of The Unit, Making Certain To Slide It Under The Holding Clips. 4. Fit The Screw Head Slot (on The Back Of The Unit) Over The Screw Head And Slide The Unit Down To Seat It Firmly. 5. Position Antenna To The Side. 6. To Test The Unit Is Securely Mounted, Press On Its Edges.

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