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Safety 1st Plug Protectors Secure Press - 24 PK - 24.0 CT

Baby Care
Baby Accessories

We cut through all the fluff to get at what really matters... nutrition.

All food products are scored from 0 - 100 based on their nutrition value.


Caution: This Product Is Only A Deterrent. It Is Not A Substitute For Proper Adult Supervision. Discontinue Use When Child Becomes Old Enough To Defeat It. Periodically Check Protector For Wear And Tear. Do Not Use If Damaged Or Broken. Avoid Letting Children See How You Operate Child Safety Devices. Watching You Disengage A Lock, Latch Or Cover Could Enable Them To Learn Sooner How To Defeat It. Warning: Risk Of Fire Or Electric Shock. If The Closure Falls Out Of Or Fits Loosely In The Receptacle, The Receptacle Contacts May Be Worn Or Broken. To Reduce The Risk Of Fire Or Injury Caused By Overheating, Arcing Or Exposure Of Live Plug Blades, Do Not Use Receptacle Until It Has Been Examined By A Licensed Electrician To Determine Whether The Outlet Needs To Be Replaced. Warning: Risk Of Fire Or Electric Shock. This Device Is Intended To Make It Difficult For Children To Gain Access To Energized Outlets. Like Any Other Child-resistant Product, This Device Is Not A Substitute For Adult Supervision. An Unsupervised Child May Be Able To Defeat This Product. As With All Electrical Products, Precautions Should Be Observed During Handling And Use To Prevent Electrical Shock. Discourage Children From Playing With Electrical Equipment.

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